कमल (kamal) – Naiya Haria


Naiya Haria, when i think of Naiya all I can imagine is flowers and lotus, I don’t even know why but she has such a positive aura that immediately draws me to her, read more about her below.


so my name is Naiya Haria and I’m a 19 year old from Kenya. I was born here in England but I was brought up in Kenya for 18 years of my life. Then came to Portsmouth to study further after finishing my high school in Kenya.

  • What about your parents ? Both Kenyan or ?

Naiya – So basically my dad is half white and half Kenyan…my mum is fully Indian.

  • That combo is so spicy lol
    Ok any siblings ?

Naiya – It is indeed 😂 yeah I have a little brother he is 15.

  • Aw thats nice
    So what was it like growing up with such beautiful diversities ?

Naiya – It was good actually…at the beginning I had some difficulties following my dad’s culture and my mum’s but then as I grew I got the hang of it…it’s just the way people looked at us that made us feel alienated just because we are all mixed races.

  • I know the feeling trust me
    Did you have any struggles with your skin or hair ?

Naiya –  No I thank god I didn’t have any struggles with that,
That feeling sucks lol.

  • Where you asked any annoying questions about your race ?

Naiya –  Yeah I was actually by many people, Like why are you so light skinned if you’re half raced, I was like stfu 😂😂, But then we also got treated specially which was heart warming.

  • What do you love about your mix ? and What do you think makes you unique ?

Naiya – I love how we have different cultures and traditions…I think the fact that I’m mixed race makes me feel unique you get me ?


  • I really do, so what do you wanna study and why ?

Naiya – I am currently studying hospitality management with tourism because I really love interacting with different people and getting to know more about them…also I love traveling that’s why.

  • Ever faced racism ?

Naiya –  When I came to this country yes ,
Because I look fully Indian like my mum when I tell them that I’m half Kenyan they start making fun of my skin and hair and literally tell me on my face that I’m not African at all which is painful to hear from them lol.


  • What kinda music do you listen too ?⁠⁠⁠⁠

Naiya – I listen to r&b and dancehall and sometimes Hindi music.

  • What last words do you have for biracial people around the world ?

Naiya – I just want them to know that even though they are biracial they are beautiful and they have nothing or no one to hide from ✨


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