Gem – Sharon Browne-Peter


Talking to Sharon not only made me happy but always kept me smiling at her answers, she is my definition of true happiness tbh, read more below.

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Sharon – It’s actually Sharon Browne-Peter and I’m just a girl from north London who moved to Nigeria and found her real home in Abuja. I started modelling there and my passion for business in that city.

  • So where are you from originally ?

Sharon – I identify as a British Nigerian because I was born and raised in London. My mother is Nigerian and my Dad is Vincentian, St. Vincent is a small island in the Caribbean.

  • so basically you’re mixed ?

Sharon – Hahaha! Yea I guess soo, black mixed with black sha 😩

  • Its all mixed
    How did you get into modelling ?

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Sharon – I was scouted by BookieLavida (I miss her! 😩) at a makeup fair in Abuja. From there I was really nervous so I got one of my best friends to be my manager and we both decided to take my modelling career seriously. He’s not my manager anymore but the passion drives me more than ever now.

  • What do you want to study and why ?

Sharon – I’m about to graduate from the University of Westminster. I studied property and urban planning. Understanding property and city policies is a great asset to have as an individual planning to build an empire, hahaha!

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  • Great really, what drew you to it ?

Sharon – My mum and I traveled a lot so we loved to spot the differences between cites when we were on planes. I didn’t know it was urban planning that governed how cities are formed, created and managed but when I found out, I was obsessed for a really long time. I don’t think urban planning will be my future profession but it was a really nice course to study and fuel my curiosity.

  • Ever faced racism or Ever been discriminated ?

Sharon – A lot of people go into modelling thinking it’s all glam and exciting but the fashion business is actually very ugly. You need thick skin. The modelling we know today was also created by caucasians, moving up the ladder means keeping up with how they do things. So that being said, being black and having health issues has given me many challenges but I’ve never relied on modelling as a full time profession and I’m just enjoying the ride!

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  • What kinda health issues ?

Sharon – I have a blood disorder called Sicklecell Anaemia. I have to put my health first in a lot of situations but it’s what keeps me healthy!

  • What kind of challenges do you face on a daily basis ?

Sharon – Not many 😂, I live a normal life, but if you know me, you know I’m always at home and I’m probably watching shows, reading, writing or cooking!

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Sharon – You’ll have to wait and see!

  • So what’s your take on love, religion and food ?

Sharon – Love is important but love is often damaging if you don’t know how to constantly love yourself. My faith is where I find most of the love I need to face everyday life. Food is bae, it’s the key to my heart😂

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  • Whats your take on African Culture ?

Sharon – African culture needs to be protected at all costs, keep the dialects, keep the art, keep the history 😊

  • So since you’re studying property and urban planning, what do you think or Nigeria’s housing system?

Sharon – The housing system is really bad, that’s why I’m not pursuing my course.

  • Any last words before we round up ?

Sharon – Follow my Instagram and twitter @sharonbpeter.


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