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Another collaboration with another talented writer. 

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Soul Unraveled 


I decided to collaborate with writers to bring life to my blog, I wanted everyone to see and feel what I do when I read these amazing works, but the one I’m about to share in particular made me really happy, like really happy, I’ve never read such poetry that made me smile and think about life, TBH Zaynab Sabeeha is a force to be reckoned with, a very talented individual, she gives life to her words and passes her messages very clearly. 
Sabeeha Hussain, is a 23 year old from a biracial family. Her father is Nigerian and her  mother is Pakistani.
She  speaks 4 languages and mixes them all up when angry. She’s a couple months away from a medical degree and has been writing almost as early as she learnt to read. She is an avid reader with no genre restrictions. She is a feminist and she advocates for child and human rights, gender equality, mental illnesses and sexual crime awareness.
She is an animal person with an abundance of cats.

She recently just released her book called Soul Unraveled – Rising from the ashes. This book was inspired by the mythical bird; Phoenix. The book is divided into 6 chapters; spark, ignite, burn, ashes, embers, rising.

This book is for Love.
Heartbreak, injustice, war, slavery, anger, vengeance, forgiveness, healing, self-love – life.
This is a voice for the voiceless. Illuminating the darkness and of societal norms.
You will walk in my shoes,
See through my eyes.
I will snatch the rug of delusion right under your feet.
You will spark, ignite, burn and rise from the ashes with me.
Writing is rebellion. Breaking free from conformation is freedom.
And this book is all about freedom.

Her E-book is available for sale on amazon  SoulUnraveled: Rising from the ashes https://www.amazon.com/dp/1947949179/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_VmzaAbGZQ9M0E and Hard copies are out and will be available in tarbiya bookstores abuja before the end of the month.

You can also follow her on the following social networks : @soulunraveled – instagram

@beehatu – twitter
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Her book “SoulUnraveled rising from the ashes” is available worldwide on amazon and will be available in local bookstores in Nigeria soon.

Faith Natalie Ibrahim – Amanah

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Faith Natalie Ibrahim is a Nigerian girl who is currently studying fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles. She is not only young but also a very creative individual, Faith has not only proven that she indeed has talent but she has the strenght to work hard and change the fashion industry.


The Brand Amanah designs :
Amanah translated from Hebrew means faith, confidence. It is a platform that enables Faith to showcase her work. Amanah Designs is also a made to order brand which means that customers will be able to place orders. It is also a consulting service that caters to upcoming brands that need help to bring their designs to life.

She describes her general aesthetic as bridge that connects African and Japanese fashion. The aim she says for her line revolves around urban streetwear as well as African evoked “high- fashion” style.

You can also check out her website to find out more about Faith Ibrahim and the Brand Amanah at http://amanahdesigns.com .

Gem – Sharon Browne-Peter


Talking to Sharon not only made me happy but always kept me smiling at her answers, she is my definition of true happiness tbh, read more below.

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Sharon – It’s actually Sharon Browne-Peter and I’m just a girl from north London who moved to Nigeria and found her real home in Abuja. I started modelling there and my passion for business in that city.

  • So where are you from originally ?

Sharon – I identify as a British Nigerian because I was born and raised in London. My mother is Nigerian and my Dad is Vincentian, St. Vincent is a small island in the Caribbean.

  • so basically you’re mixed ?

Sharon – Hahaha! Yea I guess soo, black mixed with black sha 😩

  • Its all mixed
    How did you get into modelling ?

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Sharon – I was scouted by BookieLavida (I miss her! 😩) at a makeup fair in Abuja. From there I was really nervous so I got one of my best friends to be my manager and we both decided to take my modelling career seriously. He’s not my manager anymore but the passion drives me more than ever now.

  • What do you want to study and why ?

Sharon – I’m about to graduate from the University of Westminster. I studied property and urban planning. Understanding property and city policies is a great asset to have as an individual planning to build an empire, hahaha!

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  • Great really, what drew you to it ?

Sharon – My mum and I traveled a lot so we loved to spot the differences between cites when we were on planes. I didn’t know it was urban planning that governed how cities are formed, created and managed but when I found out, I was obsessed for a really long time. I don’t think urban planning will be my future profession but it was a really nice course to study and fuel my curiosity.

  • Ever faced racism or Ever been discriminated ?

Sharon – A lot of people go into modelling thinking it’s all glam and exciting but the fashion business is actually very ugly. You need thick skin. The modelling we know today was also created by caucasians, moving up the ladder means keeping up with how they do things. So that being said, being black and having health issues has given me many challenges but I’ve never relied on modelling as a full time profession and I’m just enjoying the ride!

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  • What kinda health issues ?

Sharon – I have a blood disorder called Sicklecell Anaemia. I have to put my health first in a lot of situations but it’s what keeps me healthy!

  • What kind of challenges do you face on a daily basis ?

Sharon – Not many 😂, I live a normal life, but if you know me, you know I’m always at home and I’m probably watching shows, reading, writing or cooking!

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Sharon – You’ll have to wait and see!

  • So what’s your take on love, religion and food ?

Sharon – Love is important but love is often damaging if you don’t know how to constantly love yourself. My faith is where I find most of the love I need to face everyday life. Food is bae, it’s the key to my heart😂

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  • Whats your take on African Culture ?

Sharon – African culture needs to be protected at all costs, keep the dialects, keep the art, keep the history 😊

  • So since you’re studying property and urban planning, what do you think or Nigeria’s housing system?

Sharon – The housing system is really bad, that’s why I’m not pursuing my course.

  • Any last words before we round up ?

Sharon – Follow my Instagram and twitter @sharonbpeter.

Verità by Chantal Cardillo


Everyone knows that being biracial is a blessing. Having a flexible identity. Coming from two different cultures, Nigerian and Italian, I am able to interact easily with both people haven been brought up within the confines of their attitudes, values culture and language. This enables me to blend into whichever culture at anytime I please.

However what most mono-racial people tend to forget is that biracial kids are most vulnerable to ignorant racist comments as it affect them either way and are more likely to be secluded from both races because we’re not ‘black enough’ nor ‘white enough’. 


Growing up in Nigeria, I was brought up with the same values as most of my friends; there is always food at home so eating out isn’t much of an option. Though the remote is 10cm away from your mum, you are called from your room to come and bring it her and NEVER try to defend yourself when your mother is about to slap you.!


Jokes aside, though I always considered myself Nigerian first and Italian second because of my childhood days in Nigeria, this wasn’t the same for society. I can never fully blend in with one race as the combination of my skin tone and my features are confusing to some people. As a child I struggled to find a sense of belonging with my Nigerian race but now I have fully accepted my multiracial culture.


However it is important to that note that being biracial exposes you to the best of two worlds (the bad too). In my case is the deeply rooted respect for elders in Nigeria and the almost maniacal frequent house and environment cleaning of the Italians (my grandma).


I am very proud of being multiracial. Meeting people who are biracial and especially from the same exact mixture is quite intriguing.  I believe that most of us struggled to belong to a group when we were growing up, which is completely normal.  However we shouldn’t let that dependency on attention or affection follow us from our childhood. 


Being biracial is a true blessing that I have only started to uncover. Speaking multiple languages, being more aware of cultural differences and being more tolerant of different people are important skills when it comes to interacting with people and taking important life decisions. I feel being multiracial gives us a head start to these life skills than mono racial people

መዓር (honey) – LEAH SLETZION

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Another day, Another slay, that’s exactly how I feel when I think and talk with Leah, she’s just so full of life and her voice makes me so happy I don’t even know how to explain but read more about her below .

  • Please introduce yourself .

Leah – Hey, my name is Leah Sletzion, I am part of a family of four and we have just been moving around, my sister and I were both born in Atlanta in the United States but we are from Eritrea and not alot of people know where it is because it is a relatively new country, It was once connected to Ethiopia and it’s between Ethiopia and the red sea, so currently I am a sales assistant at Lush and I am transferring and wishing to study bio technology, I currently stay in South Africa, I am twenty years old and loving life.

  • So what do you like about your mix ?

Leah – I like that there is still alot of mystery because history hasn’t been passed down to generations properly and there are some gaps. It allows me to go into research and investigation – which i love doing.

  • Amazing really, did you ever get asked annoying questions ?

Leah – Hahaha sometimes, the occasional, ” what are you ?”, ” can i touch your hair ?” and then you get that ” you’re not black” comment and alot of people just assume i’m Indian and even make sure to tell me that there’s pork in that dish (lol). But I generally don’t get too worked up about it, i’m human thats what i am.

  • Did you ever have any hair or skin issues ?

Leah –  Not skin, but yes hair, it took me a long time to learn how to style my hair and find time to do it, also finding products is difficult because the majority on the shelves is for straight or afro textures.

  • Ayy yess, what is your take on Religion, Love and Food ?

Leah – Religion : I love Jesus and praying helps me deal with turmoil/ challenges of everyday life. Just gives me a moment to myself

Love : I’m a hopeless romantic. Old school who believes in Disney love. I hide it but i know the truth. Love can be expressed in many sections of life, that makes me happy.

Food : I love luxuries and number one is definitely food, I view it as more of an art and an exibition to my senses, I have a sweet tooth and love to bake, I believe healthy food can taste great too, I won’t discriminate.

  • Did you ever face racism ?

Leah – No, not directly to me, but to a friend. Xenophobia I’ve experienced before while on campus. I was told to go back to my country.

  • So sorry about that girl, but anyway, what are your hobbies ?

Leah – I love to watch movies, workout and play volleyball, learn and solve any sort of puzzle game (sudoku, chess etc..), cooking, singing and sketching.

  • Lovely really, so what makes you special ?

Leah – haha that question always gets me thinking, I’d say it’s my determination and big heart.

  • What do you have to say to all mixed and diverse people out there ?

Leah – All flavours should blossom in their inner beauty. You’re beautiful and unique if you’re being you. Focus on your dreams and the light in your life.