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The beautiful and simple yet classy Halima Sambo, she’s so simple yet sophisticated and a true 💎. 

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ارتفع (airtafae) – Sabah Riyad


Basically when i started talking to Sabah I was so shocked at how gentle she was, she reminded me of roses and doves, only God knows why, so i did a very short interview to get to know her better, just basic stuff, read below.


Sabah – My name is Sabah Riyad , 19 years old , I’m half Lebanese half Nigerian.

  • So what was it like growing up with such beautiful diversities? Any struggles ?

Sabah – I was born and raised in Yola, Nigeria , growing up as a mixed race child in Nigeria wasn’t terrible for me. The only struggle I had was when I was a kid , kids at school would call me names like albino , or tomato when I cry because I turn red or paw paw . I hated it .

  • Was there any racism at all or were you generally accepted ?

Sabah – I was generally accepted, In Nigeria I actually enjoy a privileged status for just being mixed.

  • Thats great really
    Did you ever come across skin or hair issues ?

Sabah – No not really , just people touching my hair everywhere.

  • Did you ever feel more white or more black ?

Sabah – I’ve always felt more black, I think its because I grew up in Nigeria.

  • I see, what products do you use on your hair ?

Sabah –  I never really cared about taking care of my hair so I used random products, I started using carol’s daughter recently,it’s for natural curly hair and I’m inlove . My curls have never loved better and my hair is healthy now, and coconut oil.

  • What are you studying and why ?

Sabah –  I’m studying medicine and surgery, I’ve always wanted to study medicine, I think to have the have the ability to save lives, It’s amazing and because of that white coat.

  •  😂😂😂😂amazing
    How many languages can you speak ?

Sabah – Two fluently ,I speak English and Hausa . I understand Arabic a little.

  • What kinda music do you listen to ?

Sabah –  I listen to everything, but I love rap, I love music so much.

  • So any short words for biracial people around the world ?

Sabah –  Love your hair , I used to hate my hair and wanted straight silky hair, Love your curls, It’s beautiful and you’re beautiful and don’t worry about people calling you albino and paw paw lol.





Pictures were taken by @mrobinnaobioma