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I did this interview like a week before I met with Ella and trust me the first thing that came to mind was “where has this happy human been all my life” she has such a beautiful soul and I fell in love with her spirit, her sister is no exception, I love them both and that amazing vibe i get from them, honestly so beautiful. Read more about her below;

  • How did the Unveil Brand Start ?

Ella – Tbh I’ve had the vision for such a long time. Well since my second year but I needed more practice so I just left it on hold. After my internship with AIT during my second year holiday, I worked with a group of professionals to sincerely make a pilot episode. That’s where the Unveil Montage came from. I remain sincerely indebted to those people mahn. After working as an intern with Ait, i went back to uni for my final year and budgeted to buy a camera and all of that and i started my episodes but it took me series of planning and self confidence mahn. Plus i studied media performance at uni so this is kind of my getaway to not waste my tuition fees, ya dig?

  • What is Unveil all about ?

Ella – Unveil as a term means to reveal something or removing a veil rather. So with every episode, i get to unveil an aspect of my life with my audience. I learn about myself more when I unveil in every episode tbh. It’s just my journey. My art as an actor/presenter plus, my real life as well.

  • Do you ever regret Unveiling some things ?

Ella – lol that’s legit a good question. There’s sometimes i watch myself back and I’m like, i deffo don’t want my dad to know this but bruh I’m a graduate now so mans don’t really care about them things😂

  • Do you ever get bad reviews for your work and how do you handle them ?

Ella – I actually have not tbh. And it surprises me because i respect bad critiques any day than the good ones so I get a chance to grow better. I got a comment from my favourite blogger just few days ago and she legit liked my work but she said something about me being more consistent. That’s why episode 6 came a lot faster tbh. I actually live for negative comments. Not the stupid kinds because I’m confident with what i put out but the constructive kind!

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time ?

Ella – Rahhhh, my man already told you people in this episode nau😭 I sincerely am hoping i get to be a presenter on tv one day, but in five years, I want to have my happy family and a stable job i love.

Tbh I want to even look back at this interview like “yesss nigga we made it”

  • Already thinking of a family ?

Ella – Lmfaooo well yeahhh. If we were like close g’s you’d know. I’ve always been the “wifey” or “maternal” kind person for time now. I’ve just always craved a sense of family and stability and it became even deeper when i met Michael. I actually know and feel how i want my home to look like. Hopefully soon sha.

  • That’s deep, how did your love for being on tv start ?

Ella – Rah this was since i was like a youngster,  When i go for birthday parties and I’m giving them my moves. People have always found me somewhat entertaining and it makes me so happy that me being in my natural habitat can make people happy. So i just promised myself to take that up and I’ve been true to myself for time. My dad actually wanted me to study law in uni and then go after my dreams after but after series of persuasion, ya gyal is having a degree in Media performance this July.

Can i get an amen😭🎉

  • Amennn Sisturr, so how did you meet your man, AKA Micheal ?

Ella –  Lmfaooo i actually have a video on my channel about this but for the sake of this interview, I met him during my first year at uni, at this house party the twins(hussaini & hassan) invited my best friend for but before then, I actually didn’t know about his existence. I actually think it’s fate that we lived 10 minutes away from each other the entire time but i just got to meet him at uni. In his words “I wouldn’t have liked him in secondary school” so we thank God.

  • So your hairstyle is pretty funky, How did that happen ?

Ella –  Please lemme credit you for acknowledging this first. This is actually part of my entire brand. I’ve always craved difference and i like the idea of people describing me differently. But i did this during my foundation level(college). I was actually inspired by Miley Cyrus and i had to copy 😂

  • It suits you honestly but did your parents ever complain ?

Ella – Oh yeah, my parents divorced since i was in Ss2. So we’ve been with our dad ever since. My mom is out of the country now. But my dad is a Scorpio like me so we get each other on a deeper level. He actually supports this uno amongst other things. Nah my dad is actually my bestfriend.

  • Where are you from ?

Ella – Imo state.

  • How do you draw inspo for a new episode ?

Ella –  Lmfaooo I’m constantly high😂 jokes jokes , but my mind is like a maze. I’ve always loved doing this so I legit just vomit ideas and consistently keep developing it till I’m ready to film.

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  • Tell me about the best day of your life

Ella – Rah that’s tough but with no intention of being cliche whatsoever, it was when i realized Michael was a Virgo. Before i met Michael yeah, I’ve always loved wiz khalifa, like on a deep sexual level even😂 i wanted to marry him! So when i realized he was virgo, i told God, i needed me a virgo in my life idc. When he actually told me he was born on September 3rd i was like nooo focken way. That’s when i knew “the law of attraction” was not a joke boiiii

  • Worst day of your life ?

Ella –  Rah I’ve had many but each of them consisted of me having pregnancy scares😂😂😂 , Thats why it was easy for me to access the emotions i did on this new episode.

  • I think you scared Micheal more lol

Ella – As an actor, we’re kind of trained to have something called “emotional memory” where you access feelings from the past and portray them, So uno, ya gyal was just living up to her tuition fees😂

  • What’s something you always wanted to do ?

Ella – Oh wait, I’ve always liked testing my limit so it’d be to do something like sky diving or go for a holiday somewhere and be extremely drunk throughout. Idk i just live for testing my limits mahn😭

  • What’s your take on cultural diversity ?

Ella – It’s non-existent. Well from my point of view tbh because at the end of the day we’re all humans made from dust, all these other things of life like culture and religion are just extra. When you’re a good human being, that’s all that should matter. Well to me tbh . At the end of the day, we’re just put on this planet to love each other unconditionally and that’s what people really forget, It’s sad.

  • How would you classify the youths of this generation ?

Ella – Bothered about the irrelevant things of life. When I scroll through twitter sometimes and i see all these irrelevant banter and nonsense people actually sit down to right, i can only pray for more peace of mind for us. Because when you’re truly happy with where you are in life, you’ll mostly not have the time to bash or be negative on the internet, plus why is social media becoming such a deep thing these days? For the longest time i was scared to start Unveil because of self doubt and the fact that things like makeup are actually more over hyped than the real things of life but what do i know really ? It’s just my perspective at the end of the day.

  • If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why ?

Ella – I always preach about love tbh. It’s limitless but i don’t think people get that enough. I’ll change all these anger and aggression and pride people hold so dearly in their hearts. Like bruh we’re all gonna die and go to dust one day. I’ll definitely want to pour more pixie dust or marijuana on the entire human race.

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