Happiness – Emmanuella Okafor


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I did this interview like a week before I met with Ella and trust me the first thing that came to mind was “where has this happy human been all my life” she has such a beautiful soul and I fell in love with her spirit, her sister is no exception, I love them both and that amazing vibe i get from them, honestly so beautiful. Read more about her below;

  • How did the Unveil Brand Start ?

Ella – Tbh I’ve had the vision for such a long time. Well since my second year but I needed more practice so I just left it on hold. After my internship with AIT during my second year holiday, I worked with a group of professionals to sincerely make a pilot episode. That’s where the Unveil Montage came from. I remain sincerely indebted to those people mahn. After working as an intern with Ait, i went back to uni for my final year and budgeted to buy a camera and all of that and i started my episodes but it took me series of planning and self confidence mahn. Plus i studied media performance at uni so this is kind of my getaway to not waste my tuition fees, ya dig?

  • What is Unveil all about ?

Ella – Unveil as a term means to reveal something or removing a veil rather. So with every episode, i get to unveil an aspect of my life with my audience. I learn about myself more when I unveil in every episode tbh. It’s just my journey. My art as an actor/presenter plus, my real life as well.

  • Do you ever regret Unveiling some things ?

Ella – lol that’s legit a good question. There’s sometimes i watch myself back and I’m like, i deffo don’t want my dad to know this but bruh I’m a graduate now so mans don’t really care about them things😂

  • Do you ever get bad reviews for your work and how do you handle them ?

Ella – I actually have not tbh. And it surprises me because i respect bad critiques any day than the good ones so I get a chance to grow better. I got a comment from my favourite blogger just few days ago and she legit liked my work but she said something about me being more consistent. That’s why episode 6 came a lot faster tbh. I actually live for negative comments. Not the stupid kinds because I’m confident with what i put out but the constructive kind!

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time ?

Ella – Rahhhh, my man already told you people in this episode nau😭 I sincerely am hoping i get to be a presenter on tv one day, but in five years, I want to have my happy family and a stable job i love.

Tbh I want to even look back at this interview like “yesss nigga we made it”

  • Already thinking of a family ?

Ella – Lmfaooo well yeahhh. If we were like close g’s you’d know. I’ve always been the “wifey” or “maternal” kind person for time now. I’ve just always craved a sense of family and stability and it became even deeper when i met Michael. I actually know and feel how i want my home to look like. Hopefully soon sha.

  • That’s deep, how did your love for being on tv start ?

Ella – Rah this was since i was like a youngster,  When i go for birthday parties and I’m giving them my moves. People have always found me somewhat entertaining and it makes me so happy that me being in my natural habitat can make people happy. So i just promised myself to take that up and I’ve been true to myself for time. My dad actually wanted me to study law in uni and then go after my dreams after but after series of persuasion, ya gyal is having a degree in Media performance this July.

Can i get an amen😭🎉

  • Amennn Sisturr, so how did you meet your man, AKA Micheal ?

Ella –  Lmfaooo i actually have a video on my channel about this but for the sake of this interview, I met him during my first year at uni, at this house party the twins(hussaini & hassan) invited my best friend for but before then, I actually didn’t know about his existence. I actually think it’s fate that we lived 10 minutes away from each other the entire time but i just got to meet him at uni. In his words “I wouldn’t have liked him in secondary school” so we thank God.

  • So your hairstyle is pretty funky, How did that happen ?

Ella –  Please lemme credit you for acknowledging this first. This is actually part of my entire brand. I’ve always craved difference and i like the idea of people describing me differently. But i did this during my foundation level(college). I was actually inspired by Miley Cyrus and i had to copy 😂

  • It suits you honestly but did your parents ever complain ?

Ella – Oh yeah, my parents divorced since i was in Ss2. So we’ve been with our dad ever since. My mom is out of the country now. But my dad is a Scorpio like me so we get each other on a deeper level. He actually supports this uno amongst other things. Nah my dad is actually my bestfriend.

  • Where are you from ?

Ella – Imo state.

  • How do you draw inspo for a new episode ?

Ella –  Lmfaooo I’m constantly high😂 jokes jokes , but my mind is like a maze. I’ve always loved doing this so I legit just vomit ideas and consistently keep developing it till I’m ready to film.

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  • Tell me about the best day of your life

Ella – Rah that’s tough but with no intention of being cliche whatsoever, it was when i realized Michael was a Virgo. Before i met Michael yeah, I’ve always loved wiz khalifa, like on a deep sexual level even😂 i wanted to marry him! So when i realized he was virgo, i told God, i needed me a virgo in my life idc. When he actually told me he was born on September 3rd i was like nooo focken way. That’s when i knew “the law of attraction” was not a joke boiiii

  • Worst day of your life ?

Ella –  Rah I’ve had many but each of them consisted of me having pregnancy scares😂😂😂 , Thats why it was easy for me to access the emotions i did on this new episode.

  • I think you scared Micheal more lol

Ella – As an actor, we’re kind of trained to have something called “emotional memory” where you access feelings from the past and portray them, So uno, ya gyal was just living up to her tuition fees😂

  • What’s something you always wanted to do ?

Ella – Oh wait, I’ve always liked testing my limit so it’d be to do something like sky diving or go for a holiday somewhere and be extremely drunk throughout. Idk i just live for testing my limits mahn😭

  • What’s your take on cultural diversity ?

Ella – It’s non-existent. Well from my point of view tbh because at the end of the day we’re all humans made from dust, all these other things of life like culture and religion are just extra. When you’re a good human being, that’s all that should matter. Well to me tbh . At the end of the day, we’re just put on this planet to love each other unconditionally and that’s what people really forget, It’s sad.

  • How would you classify the youths of this generation ?

Ella – Bothered about the irrelevant things of life. When I scroll through twitter sometimes and i see all these irrelevant banter and nonsense people actually sit down to right, i can only pray for more peace of mind for us. Because when you’re truly happy with where you are in life, you’ll mostly not have the time to bash or be negative on the internet, plus why is social media becoming such a deep thing these days? For the longest time i was scared to start Unveil because of self doubt and the fact that things like makeup are actually more over hyped than the real things of life but what do i know really ? It’s just my perspective at the end of the day.

  • If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why ?

Ella – I always preach about love tbh. It’s limitless but i don’t think people get that enough. I’ll change all these anger and aggression and pride people hold so dearly in their hearts. Like bruh we’re all gonna die and go to dust one day. I’ll definitely want to pour more pixie dust or marijuana on the entire human race.

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Faith Natalie Ibrahim – Amanah

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Faith Natalie Ibrahim is a Nigerian girl who is currently studying fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles. She is not only young but also a very creative individual, Faith has not only proven that she indeed has talent but she has the strenght to work hard and change the fashion industry.


The Brand Amanah designs :
Amanah translated from Hebrew means faith, confidence. It is a platform that enables Faith to showcase her work. Amanah Designs is also a made to order brand which means that customers will be able to place orders. It is also a consulting service that caters to upcoming brands that need help to bring their designs to life.

She describes her general aesthetic as bridge that connects African and Japanese fashion. The aim she says for her line revolves around urban streetwear as well as African evoked “high- fashion” style.

You can also check out her website to find out more about Faith Ibrahim and the Brand Amanah at http://amanahdesigns.com .

Haske – Zainab Donli


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I had the best conversation with Zainab aka ‘Lady Donli’, my first thought was ‘this girl brings light’ i don’t know why i thought so but that was it literally, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe her than ‘Haske’.


  • Who is Lady Donli ?

Zainab –  Lol the way I hate this question 😂, Lady Donli, is an extension of “Zainab”. My musical extension. Like whenever I leave my house I never introduce myself as Lady Donli. Only time I ever really do is when I’m performing , Even when I work with producers or people or fellow creatives. I’d much rather they call me Zainab or Z , Although Donli is my name and Lady has been a pet name I’ve had since birth.

  • Do you ever get stuck ?

Zainab – I think you have to get stuck in life,that way, when you progress it feels so much better, I have writers blocks, Once in a while. Then it breaks and I write like 3 songs in a day.

  • Whats your philosophy on life ?

Zainab –  I get stuck in life. When I feel like nothing positive is coming my way,that happens a lot cause life is unpredictable. My philosophy on life.. “take everyday as it comes” , I don’t like planning too much, I’m a doer, I know what I want.. I go for it.. I work hard at it . That’s about it.

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  • So what is your biggest aspiration ?

Zainab – Lady Z: Probably to sell out the O2 Arena, Biggest goal for now.

  • Drifting away from all the serious talk for now, what was your biggest screw up in the kitchen ?

Zainab –  First time I made jollof rice, Awful, well not completely awful, but it wasn’t good.

  • What went wrong ?

Zaianb -Too much water probably, It was just a mess but I’ve learnt now, Chef Donli with the pot.

  • What would you name your boat if you had one ?

Zainab –  Hm, Id name it Julie after my mum ❤

  • That’s cute
    You’re a new addition to a crayon box, what colour would you be and why ?

Zainab – Mustard, cause yellow is beautiful,
my best colour, that or gold.

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  • What would you do if you inherited a pizzaria from your uncle ?

Zainab – Lmao these are the most random questions ever.. ohm I’d probably sell it, won’t be able to handle such obligations.

  • Ok so if you weren’t making music, what would you be doing ?

Zainab – : Journalism ! Or law probably.. cause I’m a law student
So I’d probably focus on those two things
Used to do news reporting in secondary school loved it ! Wrote articles and news reports as well.. so journalism was a thing. Getting a diploma in that this September as well just to crown my law degree lol since I’m not going to law school.

  • How would you describe yourself and your music in 9 words ?

Zainab – My music is a reflection of my inner self, so yeah I think that’s 9 words, I am my music and vice versa.

  • What genre does your music fall under ?

Zainab –  Genre ? Box less lol , I hate being put in a box .
I make whatever I feel at the time I feel it.

  • Which fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life ?

Zainab – Hmm 😭. Funny thing is your girl doesn’t watch too much TV , So this is a very difficult question for me.

  • What kind of music do you listen too and which artist do you draw inspiration from ?

Zainab –  Listen to a lot of neo soul, funk, electronic music, afrobeats occasionally ohm, R&B/Soul, hip hop .
Everything really, long as I’m in that particular vibe and it makes me feel good  Erykah Badu
André 3000
Greatest influences.


Go Listen and Follow her on soundcloud @ladydonli

Gem – Sharon Browne-Peter


Talking to Sharon not only made me happy but always kept me smiling at her answers, she is my definition of true happiness tbh, read more below.

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Sharon – It’s actually Sharon Browne-Peter and I’m just a girl from north London who moved to Nigeria and found her real home in Abuja. I started modelling there and my passion for business in that city.

  • So where are you from originally ?

Sharon – I identify as a British Nigerian because I was born and raised in London. My mother is Nigerian and my Dad is Vincentian, St. Vincent is a small island in the Caribbean.

  • so basically you’re mixed ?

Sharon – Hahaha! Yea I guess soo, black mixed with black sha 😩

  • Its all mixed
    How did you get into modelling ?

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Sharon – I was scouted by BookieLavida (I miss her! 😩) at a makeup fair in Abuja. From there I was really nervous so I got one of my best friends to be my manager and we both decided to take my modelling career seriously. He’s not my manager anymore but the passion drives me more than ever now.

  • What do you want to study and why ?

Sharon – I’m about to graduate from the University of Westminster. I studied property and urban planning. Understanding property and city policies is a great asset to have as an individual planning to build an empire, hahaha!

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  • Great really, what drew you to it ?

Sharon – My mum and I traveled a lot so we loved to spot the differences between cites when we were on planes. I didn’t know it was urban planning that governed how cities are formed, created and managed but when I found out, I was obsessed for a really long time. I don’t think urban planning will be my future profession but it was a really nice course to study and fuel my curiosity.

  • Ever faced racism or Ever been discriminated ?

Sharon – A lot of people go into modelling thinking it’s all glam and exciting but the fashion business is actually very ugly. You need thick skin. The modelling we know today was also created by caucasians, moving up the ladder means keeping up with how they do things. So that being said, being black and having health issues has given me many challenges but I’ve never relied on modelling as a full time profession and I’m just enjoying the ride!

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  • What kinda health issues ?

Sharon – I have a blood disorder called Sicklecell Anaemia. I have to put my health first in a lot of situations but it’s what keeps me healthy!

  • What kind of challenges do you face on a daily basis ?

Sharon – Not many 😂, I live a normal life, but if you know me, you know I’m always at home and I’m probably watching shows, reading, writing or cooking!

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Sharon – You’ll have to wait and see!

  • So what’s your take on love, religion and food ?

Sharon – Love is important but love is often damaging if you don’t know how to constantly love yourself. My faith is where I find most of the love I need to face everyday life. Food is bae, it’s the key to my heart😂

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  • Whats your take on African Culture ?

Sharon – African culture needs to be protected at all costs, keep the dialects, keep the art, keep the history 😊

  • So since you’re studying property and urban planning, what do you think or Nigeria’s housing system?

Sharon – The housing system is really bad, that’s why I’m not pursuing my course.

  • Any last words before we round up ?

Sharon – Follow my Instagram and twitter @sharonbpeter.

ارتفع (airtafae) – Sabah Riyad


Basically when i started talking to Sabah I was so shocked at how gentle she was, she reminded me of roses and doves, only God knows why, so i did a very short interview to get to know her better, just basic stuff, read below.


Sabah – My name is Sabah Riyad , 19 years old , I’m half Lebanese half Nigerian.

  • So what was it like growing up with such beautiful diversities? Any struggles ?

Sabah – I was born and raised in Yola, Nigeria , growing up as a mixed race child in Nigeria wasn’t terrible for me. The only struggle I had was when I was a kid , kids at school would call me names like albino , or tomato when I cry because I turn red or paw paw . I hated it .

  • Was there any racism at all or were you generally accepted ?

Sabah – I was generally accepted, In Nigeria I actually enjoy a privileged status for just being mixed.

  • Thats great really
    Did you ever come across skin or hair issues ?

Sabah – No not really , just people touching my hair everywhere.

  • Did you ever feel more white or more black ?

Sabah – I’ve always felt more black, I think its because I grew up in Nigeria.

  • I see, what products do you use on your hair ?

Sabah –  I never really cared about taking care of my hair so I used random products, I started using carol’s daughter recently,it’s for natural curly hair and I’m inlove . My curls have never loved better and my hair is healthy now, and coconut oil.

  • What are you studying and why ?

Sabah –  I’m studying medicine and surgery, I’ve always wanted to study medicine, I think to have the have the ability to save lives, It’s amazing and because of that white coat.

  •  😂😂😂😂amazing
    How many languages can you speak ?

Sabah – Two fluently ,I speak English and Hausa . I understand Arabic a little.

  • What kinda music do you listen to ?

Sabah –  I listen to everything, but I love rap, I love music so much.

  • So any short words for biracial people around the world ?

Sabah –  Love your hair , I used to hate my hair and wanted straight silky hair, Love your curls, It’s beautiful and you’re beautiful and don’t worry about people calling you albino and paw paw lol.





Pictures were taken by @mrobinnaobioma

कमल (kamal) – Naiya Haria


Naiya Haria, when i think of Naiya all I can imagine is flowers and lotus, I don’t even know why but she has such a positive aura that immediately draws me to her, read more about her below.


so my name is Naiya Haria and I’m a 19 year old from Kenya. I was born here in England but I was brought up in Kenya for 18 years of my life. Then came to Portsmouth to study further after finishing my high school in Kenya.

  • What about your parents ? Both Kenyan or ?

Naiya – So basically my dad is half white and half Kenyan…my mum is fully Indian.

  • That combo is so spicy lol
    Ok any siblings ?

Naiya – It is indeed 😂 yeah I have a little brother he is 15.

  • Aw thats nice
    So what was it like growing up with such beautiful diversities ?

Naiya – It was good actually…at the beginning I had some difficulties following my dad’s culture and my mum’s but then as I grew I got the hang of it…it’s just the way people looked at us that made us feel alienated just because we are all mixed races.

  • I know the feeling trust me
    Did you have any struggles with your skin or hair ?

Naiya –  No I thank god I didn’t have any struggles with that,
That feeling sucks lol.

  • Where you asked any annoying questions about your race ?

Naiya –  Yeah I was actually by many people, Like why are you so light skinned if you’re half raced, I was like stfu 😂😂, But then we also got treated specially which was heart warming.

  • What do you love about your mix ? and What do you think makes you unique ?

Naiya – I love how we have different cultures and traditions…I think the fact that I’m mixed race makes me feel unique you get me ?


  • I really do, so what do you wanna study and why ?

Naiya – I am currently studying hospitality management with tourism because I really love interacting with different people and getting to know more about them…also I love traveling that’s why.

  • Ever faced racism ?

Naiya –  When I came to this country yes ,
Because I look fully Indian like my mum when I tell them that I’m half Kenyan they start making fun of my skin and hair and literally tell me on my face that I’m not African at all which is painful to hear from them lol.


  • What kinda music do you listen too ?⁠⁠⁠⁠

Naiya – I listen to r&b and dancehall and sometimes Hindi music.

  • What last words do you have for biracial people around the world ?

Naiya – I just want them to know that even though they are biracial they are beautiful and they have nothing or no one to hide from ✨

alqut alwahshi (القط الوحشي) – Louisa Cadi


So basically Louisa’s interview was very upfront and modest, this girl as described in the above language to me is a wild cat, i just can’t seem to get enough of her, so free spirited and loving, read below as to why i admire this girl.

Louisa – My name is Louisa Cadi aka Louie aka lush 😂

  • Lushy lush lush
  •   Where are you from and how are you mixed ?

Louisa – Erm well I always say I’m Nigerian cause I was born and brought up here but my dad’s Lebanese and my mum’s from Akwa ibom .

  • That mix is superrr
  •  So how did you grow up ?

    Louisa – What do you mean how ?


  • I mean how was it like growing up in Nigeria as a mixed kid, were you generally accepted or left out ?

    Louisa – I’d say half and half. Cause to an extent, it seemed like I’d get ‘special treatment’s cause of it and also that brought about ‘envy’ or ‘hate’ from other kids uno. I was sort of bullied cause of it basically. So yeah half and half.


  • Hmmm I see
    What makes you special ?

Louisa – Hmm. My personality I suppose. Idk it’s a mix of everything that makes me who i am. Everyone is special uno, in their own way.

  • Was it easy making friends or were you discriminated ?

Louisa – It was really easy making friends cause everyone wanted to be friends with the ‘white girl’ but I’ve never really been one to move with crowds so I always kept my circle small from time. I have a shit load of acquaintances don’t get me wrong, I know loads of people but few people I actually call ‘friends’ and on the flip side, I was discriminated too here and there cause like I said earlier, envy would creep in so I had a few of those too.

  • Any siblings ?

Louisa – Yes, I have a half sister.

  • And did you ever struggle with hair or skin issues and if yes what did you use to stop it or how do you maintain it ?

Louisa – Yeah my hair doesn’t really grow as much as it should. Or didn’t. It’s getting better now I think. And for skin, it’s always been my face. Prone to pimples and stuff but it’s better now. Can’t remember all the stuff I used over time but right now I’m using stuff from body shop (tea tree facial wash and toner).

  • Any last words for biracial people around the world ?

Louisa – It could be a little difficult growing up cause you’d be looked at and treated differently sometimes but it gets better. It’s all just phases and they won’t last. Always remember that you’ve got the best of both worlds. Well that’s how I look at it. Your beauty is a different kind of beauty and that’s why most people act the way they do. Just be real, down to earth, nice and all them good qualities and see how things work out for you 😏. Mixed kids are the future. Ngl (not gonna lie) 😂 we rule 😋



Verità by Chantal Cardillo


Everyone knows that being biracial is a blessing. Having a flexible identity. Coming from two different cultures, Nigerian and Italian, I am able to interact easily with both people haven been brought up within the confines of their attitudes, values culture and language. This enables me to blend into whichever culture at anytime I please.

However what most mono-racial people tend to forget is that biracial kids are most vulnerable to ignorant racist comments as it affect them either way and are more likely to be secluded from both races because we’re not ‘black enough’ nor ‘white enough’. 


Growing up in Nigeria, I was brought up with the same values as most of my friends; there is always food at home so eating out isn’t much of an option. Though the remote is 10cm away from your mum, you are called from your room to come and bring it her and NEVER try to defend yourself when your mother is about to slap you.!


Jokes aside, though I always considered myself Nigerian first and Italian second because of my childhood days in Nigeria, this wasn’t the same for society. I can never fully blend in with one race as the combination of my skin tone and my features are confusing to some people. As a child I struggled to find a sense of belonging with my Nigerian race but now I have fully accepted my multiracial culture.


However it is important to that note that being biracial exposes you to the best of two worlds (the bad too). In my case is the deeply rooted respect for elders in Nigeria and the almost maniacal frequent house and environment cleaning of the Italians (my grandma).


I am very proud of being multiracial. Meeting people who are biracial and especially from the same exact mixture is quite intriguing.  I believe that most of us struggled to belong to a group when we were growing up, which is completely normal.  However we shouldn’t let that dependency on attention or affection follow us from our childhood. 


Being biracial is a true blessing that I have only started to uncover. Speaking multiple languages, being more aware of cultural differences and being more tolerant of different people are important skills when it comes to interacting with people and taking important life decisions. I feel being multiracial gives us a head start to these life skills than mono racial people

መዓር (honey) – LEAH SLETZION

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Another day, Another slay, that’s exactly how I feel when I think and talk with Leah, she’s just so full of life and her voice makes me so happy I don’t even know how to explain but read more about her below .

  • Please introduce yourself .

Leah – Hey, my name is Leah Sletzion, I am part of a family of four and we have just been moving around, my sister and I were both born in Atlanta in the United States but we are from Eritrea and not alot of people know where it is because it is a relatively new country, It was once connected to Ethiopia and it’s between Ethiopia and the red sea, so currently I am a sales assistant at Lush and I am transferring and wishing to study bio technology, I currently stay in South Africa, I am twenty years old and loving life.

  • So what do you like about your mix ?

Leah – I like that there is still alot of mystery because history hasn’t been passed down to generations properly and there are some gaps. It allows me to go into research and investigation – which i love doing.

  • Amazing really, did you ever get asked annoying questions ?

Leah – Hahaha sometimes, the occasional, ” what are you ?”, ” can i touch your hair ?” and then you get that ” you’re not black” comment and alot of people just assume i’m Indian and even make sure to tell me that there’s pork in that dish (lol). But I generally don’t get too worked up about it, i’m human thats what i am.

  • Did you ever have any hair or skin issues ?

Leah –  Not skin, but yes hair, it took me a long time to learn how to style my hair and find time to do it, also finding products is difficult because the majority on the shelves is for straight or afro textures.

  • Ayy yess, what is your take on Religion, Love and Food ?

Leah – Religion : I love Jesus and praying helps me deal with turmoil/ challenges of everyday life. Just gives me a moment to myself

Love : I’m a hopeless romantic. Old school who believes in Disney love. I hide it but i know the truth. Love can be expressed in many sections of life, that makes me happy.

Food : I love luxuries and number one is definitely food, I view it as more of an art and an exibition to my senses, I have a sweet tooth and love to bake, I believe healthy food can taste great too, I won’t discriminate.

  • Did you ever face racism ?

Leah – No, not directly to me, but to a friend. Xenophobia I’ve experienced before while on campus. I was told to go back to my country.

  • So sorry about that girl, but anyway, what are your hobbies ?

Leah – I love to watch movies, workout and play volleyball, learn and solve any sort of puzzle game (sudoku, chess etc..), cooking, singing and sketching.

  • Lovely really, so what makes you special ?

Leah – haha that question always gets me thinking, I’d say it’s my determination and big heart.

  • What do you have to say to all mixed and diverse people out there ?

Leah – All flavours should blossom in their inner beauty. You’re beautiful and unique if you’re being you. Focus on your dreams and the light in your life.


Dulce – Paige Cabrera


Talking to this amazing human was such a thrill, I had to prove to her that she was mixed first before she agreed to let me interview her, she is such an amazing person, scroll down to read more on her.

  • Please introduce yourself

Paige – I’m Paige. Paige Cabrera. An avid internet dweller and coffee enthusiast🙃

  • Could explain a little bit about your biracial background from maybe your grand parents down to you ?

Paige – Okay.
Well my maternal grandparents are both Mexican. Rest in peace to them. And my paternal grandmother is also my Mexican and my grandfather is African Dominican, So my mom is Mexican and my father is Mexican and Dominican.

  • So where did you grow up ?

Paige – I grew up in the US until I was 12. In Arizona, specifically
Then I moved to Lagos and I’ve lived here since. I go back and forth for holidays and such.

  • Where you ever seen as different ?

Paige –  Oh yeah.
I mean, when I was like 5 or 6 not really. I lived in an apartment complex full of Hispanic people so I never felt different. I went to schools with a lot of Hispanic and African American kids so I fit in.
Then my family moved to a predominantly white suburban neighborhood. All our neighbors were white, everyone at the stores or shops were white. So living in that area made me one of the only ‘ethnic’ kids.
I remember going to a school with a bunch of white kids at one point and them coming to me what certain things meant in Spanish because everyone knew I’ve got that Mexican within me. It was really funny. I’d lie about certain words meanings because I’d be annoyed they expected me to know.
Then I came here to Lagos. And I was considered white. That’s what I’ve been called since I lived in Lagos: just ‘that white girl’. Because here, if you’re not black then you’re just white or Asian.
Trying to explain my ethnicity to people was difficult. They’d just look at me confused and I gave up and just accepted that I’m ‘white’. I know I have that piece of black Dominican in me but no one wants to hear it. They just say ‘but you’re so pale, but you’re not African, etc.’ So in America I’m different because I am not white and here in Nigeria, I’m different because I’m considered white.
I don’t necessarily fit in.

  • What drew you to business?

Paige – My mom. She’s a business head and encouraged the idea of me doing my own thing.
I want to be independent and run my own businesses. Do what I want and not take orders from people.

  •  That’s amazing
    What makes you special ?

Paige – I don’t know, I don’t consider myself special.
But what I’m proud of is my mindset. I am strong minded, always stand up for what I believe in. I’m self-aware, I know my good and my bad and accept them equally.

  • Since your stay in Nigeria
    What exactly do you love about the country?

Paige – By far the people.
Everyone’s really welcoming. Always smiling and greeting. That’s not really something you can find anywhere else.
After living here for years, I can walk into a store and the cashier will say ‘Welcome! Welcome to our country.’

  • Was it easy making friends or were you discriminated ?

Paige – It’s been pretty easy.
Just some girls would be rude and really passive aggressive. Typical wannabe mean girl behavior.

  • Any siblings ?

Paige – Yes. Two sisters, one older and one younger.

  •  What is your favorite Food ?
    And did you ever struggle with hair or skin issues and if yes what did you use to stop it or how do you maintain it ?

Paige – My favorite food is definitely this pineapple and ginger my momma makes. It’s A1 👌🏻, My hair has always been a struggle. I started straightening my hair from 10 years old, just because of the pressure. All models, actresses, celebrities; they had straight hair. And my cousins and friends had straight or only wavy hair. So I always desired longer straighter hair.
So I’d spend an hour straightening my hair every day for years. Until just February of 2016 when I went natural. And I love my curls more than anything.
I just needed some self-love and confidence in my natural hair.
As far as products, I’ve tried them all but I recently started using Cantu. The conditioner and moisturizer. They’re the best. I suggest them for anyone going natural.
As far as skin, I’ve never been insecure or not happy with it. There have never been issues with my skin.
No social issues.
But one issue I’ll forever suffer from is acne.

  • Any last words for biracial people around the world ?

Paige – All I can say is practice self-love. Love your soul, love your skin, love your hair, love every part. It’s corny, I know, but being confident in who you are means you stop caring about the parts society loves about you and the parts society hates and you love all of yourself.