My Best Dressed List Of 2017 (day 5)

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The beautiful and simple yet classy Halima Sambo, she’s so simple yet sophisticated and a true 💎. 

Follow her on social media :-Ig : lilysambo 

Sc : lily_sambo

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My Best Dressed List Of 2017 (day 4)

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Meet Chineme Ogbuefi, this thick igbo goddess has my heart for days, her style goes from classy to I can be sexy too.

Her social media handles are :- Twitter and IG: Chineme__

Snapchat: Queenn_mae

My Best Dressed List Of 2017 (day 2)

Articles, fashion

Sola Fagbemi is definitely not a new name when it comes to style and fashion, apart from her normal day job, she designs and sells beautiful fabrics. She is my definition of a style icon. 

Fun fact : she’s a twin. 

For more of this beautiful lady go follow her on Instagram, snapchat and twitter @solafagbemi and you can also like her facebook page ” The Sola Fagbemi “.

Soul Unraveled 


I decided to collaborate with writers to bring life to my blog, I wanted everyone to see and feel what I do when I read these amazing works, but the one I’m about to share in particular made me really happy, like really happy, I’ve never read such poetry that made me smile and think about life, TBH Zaynab Sabeeha is a force to be reckoned with, a very talented individual, she gives life to her words and passes her messages very clearly. 
Sabeeha Hussain, is a 23 year old from a biracial family. Her father is Nigerian and her  mother is Pakistani.
She  speaks 4 languages and mixes them all up when angry. She’s a couple months away from a medical degree and has been writing almost as early as she learnt to read. She is an avid reader with no genre restrictions. She is a feminist and she advocates for child and human rights, gender equality, mental illnesses and sexual crime awareness.
She is an animal person with an abundance of cats.

She recently just released her book called Soul Unraveled – Rising from the ashes. This book was inspired by the mythical bird; Phoenix. The book is divided into 6 chapters; spark, ignite, burn, ashes, embers, rising.

This book is for Love.
Heartbreak, injustice, war, slavery, anger, vengeance, forgiveness, healing, self-love – life.
This is a voice for the voiceless. Illuminating the darkness and of societal norms.
You will walk in my shoes,
See through my eyes.
I will snatch the rug of delusion right under your feet.
You will spark, ignite, burn and rise from the ashes with me.
Writing is rebellion. Breaking free from conformation is freedom.
And this book is all about freedom.

Her E-book is available for sale on amazon  SoulUnraveled: Rising from the ashes and Hard copies are out and will be available in tarbiya bookstores abuja before the end of the month.

You can also follow her on the following social networks : @soulunraveled – instagram

@beehatu – twitter
SoulUnraveled by Sabeeha Hussain -Facebook page
Zaynabsabeeha -snapchat
Her book “SoulUnraveled rising from the ashes” is available worldwide on amazon and will be available in local bookstores in Nigeria soon.

Arewa by Folarin Umar. 

Written Words

It was on a red afternoon, an afternoon that scorched so hard, it felt like the sun was out to punish and fry heads. The sun was just being a big round bully, putting on a show for the other planets. I felt sweat trickle down my forehead, slowly – like a snake gently making way towards its prey. It trickled down to the ridge of my nose and I cleaned it off just as it was about to dangle off the ridge of my nose and drop unto my lips. I had always wondered why sweat tasted like salt, but I never thought much about it. ‘Especially not today’ I said to myself. I had no idea what made me sweat so much, the big round bully of a sun, or my anxiety. I was so anxious and nervous that afternoon, I had no appetite, nothing could pass through my mouth. Instead, I was pacing the living room, walking on the tiled floors in my blue, bland flip flops, walking round the brown mahogany table with deft finishes right in the middle of the living room. The table had different magazines neatly arranged right in the middle. The way the magazines were arranged, to say my father marked the middle ‘X’ and gently placed the magazines on each other right in the middle is not an overstatement. The Living room had always been his turf, with the chandelier dangling so low, I could touch it with the tip of my fingers if I tried hard enough, and brown leather sofa’s, the color almost matching the brown mahogany table was arranged around the table almost forming a perfect square. His ‘little box’ he liked to call it. But he wasn’t around, he left home early that day, and I didn’t get the chance to perform my morning ritual of going to his room to lay flat on the floor with the words ‘e kaaro sah’ flowing out of my mouth like a programmed robot, followed by ‘my night was good sah’ like a programmed answering machine. In fact I went to his room that morning to perform this ritual, instead I found a note on his bed, his king-sized bed, with the white sheets neatly tucked in, and placed on it were 2 crisp #1,000 notes, with the words “Had to leave early, will be back late” in black ink with a writing in italicized fonts. I had the house all to myself and I could finally invite Arewa over. Arewa was my girlfriend, and we had just started dating. True to her name, o re wa, very beautiful. Arewa is tall and dark skinned, blessed with almond shaped eyes, and glistening dark-brown pupils like mud chocolate complementing her oval shaped face. Her oval face makes her chin more noticeable, and her glorious dimples whenever she smiles appear like they were carved into her cheeks. I called Arewa, and told her to come over since I had the house all to myself. As I awaited her arrival, my mind kept straying, thinking of what Arewa and I would do once she arrived. Would we just talk? Gist and watch t.v? Or would there be more. I continued  pacing up and down the living room, and these thoughts invaded my mind. I was about to leave the living room when I heard a knock on the gate. I ran outside the house, without asking who it was, to open the gate. I almost tripped. Arewa was standing outside the gate wearing a smile on her face, which showed her neatly carved dimples. She wore a dull light-green strapless chiffon gown, which was above knee length. She gave a passing comment about the sun as she walked in, while I graciously held the gate open. Not waiting for me, she started making her way towards the house while I locked the gate, I was walking behind her, staring at the way the gown bounced off her generous behind as she walked ahead of me. She made her way to the living room, and sat on a settee, which made her short chiffon gown jump up a few inches. I walked to the fridge in the dinning room and got her a cold bottle of water and a glass cup. I placed the bottle of water and the glass cup on a stool before her. I sat opposite her and watched her pour herself a glass full of water. Her throat bobbed as she drank and I watched on. I quickly changed the channel to ‘HipTV’, to alleviate the awkwardness that was about to settle on the room like a dense cloud. As if she knew my intention, she gave a slight giggle, and I felt something rumble in my stomach. It almost resulted in a fart but I stiffed my butt cheeks so hard, I almost had cramps in my butt, to diffuse the fart.

Somewhat confident, I shifted my attention from the t.v and stared at her, surprisingly she held my gaze and I had to look away. I wasn’t as confident as I thought, I waited for a short while before I focused my eyes on her again. This time I was determined not to look away, she again held my gaze and I almost looked away, but I didn’t want to bitch out the second time. We stared at each other, and for a while her presence was the only thing I acknowledged. I had successfully phased out every other thing including the music from the t.v. I wasn’t even thinking of how I defied my father by bringing her into his ‘little box’. What mattered at that point was that I was staring at her, and she was staring back. She held my gaze, and she slowly parted her legs, my eyes immediately dropped from her face to her laps. I could see her inner thighs, the bottle of water I placed before her earlier now formed a barrier that kept her legs wide. I widened my eyes to see further down her thighs but it got dark as it stretched on. I gawked. My eyes were still fixed on her thighs, and I watched as she slowly brought her legs together and crossed them, the right leg over the left. Her already short gown got even shorter. I looked on a bit further, and swallowed the saliva that had already filled my mouth. I shifted my gaze back to her face, and she gave a warm and inviting smile. At that point, I wondered if we were thinking the same thing. If she wanted me as much as I wanted her. I wanted to feel her skin, feel her breasts on my chest, feel her every touch, have her body on mine and bask in  the pleasure that it brought. These thoughts filled my mind, and I was slowly getting a boner. She looked at me as I grabbed a cushion and placed on my crotch to hide my ‘boner’. She gave a slight giggle and asked “What are you hiding?”,
On hearing that question, I blinked twice, very quickly. I certainly wasn’t expecting that question. Different replies rushed into my head, and like a student who had over-prepared for a test I didn’t know the answer to give. I opened my mouth and nothing but the word
strolled out of my mouth. She stood up, walked over to where I was sitting and removed the cushion from where I placed it. My heart started beating fast, as I tilted my head up to look at her face, she looked down at my boner and I could have sworn she mumbled the word ‘impressive’ under her breath. I was still looking up at her like a two year old who has not been weaned, and was staring at his mother’s breast for milk. She moved her eyes to meet mine, and placed her left leg In-between mine such that my left leg was in-between her legs. She moved closer, and the inner thighs of her left leg rubbed against my left thigh. When she got close enough she bent towards me, such that her right knee was on the settee, and her left slowly leaning against my crotch, then she whispered in my right ear
“Are we going to fuck? Or you’ll just keep staring at me? I didn’t wear this thong for nothing.”
her breasts brushing my chest in the process as she now faced me. Our faces so close I could smell her beautiful cologne. I gasped, we were definitely thinking the same thing. She was still holding my gaze, when she grabbed my dick from my shorts and stroked it while biting on her lower lip. I slowly drew her into a short wet kiss, and my eyes lit up at how good she was. She broke off the kiss and sat on my laps in a way that she was sitting on her knees, and her ass was on my dick. I placed both my hands on her ass, they were soft, I squeezed hard and ran my hands over her soft ass. She circled my lips with the tip of her tongue slowly, before slipping her tongue in my mouth, which I graciously took. I dug my hand underneath her gown, which slightly covered her ass and squeezed hard on it, she gave a soft moan. I pulled on her thong so she could feel the sensation of the lace fabric rubbing against her pussy, she tilted her head backwards, breaking off the kiss and hurriedly stuck her wet, warm tongue back in my mouth. I dug my right hand underneath her short gown from the front, while the left was still on her ass, I felt the lace material which covered her pussy and started rubbing on her pussy through the lace material, she gave a loud moan as I did this and I increased the pace. She immediately broke off the kiss and tilted her head backwards, arching her back, I increased the pace again and she was moaning even louder. I stopped abruptly, and started trailing soft kisses from her right collar bone, up to the side of her neck, I nibbled on the side of her neck a little and then I sucked on it while she held on to my head. With my tongue, I licked all the way from the side of her neck down to collar bone. The atmosphere was intense and I wanted to see her naked, I started kissing her again while I unzipped her gown from behind. She then stood up and took a few steps back, I was staring at her while she held my gaze. I watched as her gown fell to the floor, revealing a black lace bra and a thong to match. She sat on an edge of the brown mahogany table and spread her legs wide, I didn’t wait for her to say a word. I got to where she was in a second, standing between her already spread legs, I took off my shirt. I felt her soft palms on my chest as she rubbed them with her hands down to my midriff where she then planted a soft kiss. I went on my knees, and noticed how full her breasts looked in her black lace bra. I was still taking in the sight when she unhooked her bra, and removed it. Her pear-shaped breasts fell slightly and I felt my pupils widen in their sockets as her breasts stared back at me. Her dark areola shone, and it made her standing nipple ever so obvious. I leaned in and took her right breast in my mouth, she gave a soft moan. I trailed my tongue over her nipple and then sucked on it, she held my head against her breast as she tilted her head backwards. Gasping as I sucked hard on her right nipple, and was rubbing on the left with my fingers, she started making little circular movements with her waist. Now flicking my tongue over her right nipple, I stopped rubbing on her left nipple and trailed my fingers down to her pussy, it was a little moist and I rubbed on it through her black lace thong. She let out another short moan and increased the pace of her circular waist movement as I simultaneously rubbed on her moist pussy. I rubbed on it harder and slowly reduced the pace. Her lips parted, welcoming the stroke of my finger, paving way after each stroke. As I slowly slid my fingers down her panties, she held on to me and closed her eyes to the sensation it brought her. I stroked her wet pussy a few times and as I reached to take off her panties, she lowly lifted herself over the table while I pulled it down. I parted her legs, and saw how wet she actually was, she was making a mess on my father’s prized mahogany table. But I liked it, I wanted her to leave her scent on the table. The scent signifying the defilement of my father’s little box. I watched as she smeared her pussy juice on the edge of the table. I was about to rub on her clit when I heard her say “Fuck me, just Fuck me”. I did not fuck her, not just yet. I looked up to her and gave a side smile, with desire written all over her face, she was biting on her lower lip when I replied her “lay on the table”. I stood over her, bent and started trailing kisses from her left breast straight down to her pussy, she shivered as I kissed her down there, I kissed her down there again and she let out a soft moan. I liked what I heard, her moan was sonorously beautiful, I wondered if I was thinking with my head or my hard dick. I kissed her throbbing pussy again, before I sucked it all in my mouth, almost instantaneously she brought her legs close together and scratched on the table. I set her legs apart a little, released her lips from my mouth and ran my tongue over her pussy, stopping on her clit each time which she replied with loud gasps on each stop. I flicked my tongue constantly over her clit, sucked and rubbed on it at intervals. She moaned, screamed and scratched hard on the table. I heard her scratch so hard on the table I feared for her middle-length nails painted in black polish. My dick, tired from staying hard for so long started aching, and I knew this was the sign to finally fuck her. I stood up, and she sat back up on the table. As if she read my mind;
‘Take me, I want you inside me’,
she knew I was ready to fuck her.
‘But I don’t have a condom’, I revealed and waited anxiously for the next words to come out of her mouth. I could not help but notice that I had already dulled the color of the lipstick she wore, and I imagined having the same dulled color on my lips.
‘You would have to pull-out when you’re about to cum’, surprised to hear this and desperate to hide my excitement, ‘OK’ I said.
I tried to hide my excitement but a smile snuck up on my face. I hurriedly took off my boxer shorts. She stood up gingerly, and pressed her body hard against mine. I felt her soft, moist skin, her perky nipples and as I placed my hands on her ass, I let out in a low tone
“But my pull-out game is weak”,
“Are you ready to be a father?”,
“Your pull-out game had better be strong today”.
She held on to my dick, which got harder in response to her touch. She drew me into a short, wet, kiss and ran her hand over the length of my dick, circling the tip with her thumb. She spurn me round, pushed me gently into a sitting position on the Mahogany table. I leaned backwards a little on the table as she got on top of me and slowly sat on my dick. The warmth and moistness of her pussy made me exhale in pleasure, she was tight and it felt so good. She placed her hands on my shoulders as she jumped up and down my dick with her eyes closed. She kissed me at intervals, increasing, reducing the pace as she fucked me at will. I watched her breasts dance in joy, bouncing up and down as she moved. My gaze trailed off from her happy breasts to a picture of my father’s portrait hung on a wall behind her. All of a sudden I felt his presence, the half portrait of him in his Agbada with no smile on his face gave off a feeling of disapproval. I was desecrating his little box. Arewa’s gasps and moans brought me back to what was happening and had locked her legs behind my back as she started whining her waist on my dick. I felt a tingle in my dick, I was about to cum, but I did not want her to stop, I did not want this to stop, I wanted us to continue fucking, with no regard as to what time we finished. With my eyes closed,
“I’m gonna c-cum”, she jumped off my dick and the next thing I felt was her grip on it, then her tongue, followed by her whole mouth around it, sucking on it, my toes curled in excitement. I slowly opened my eyes, staring at the white p.o.p, I was wondering how I got to where I was. I sat up, and noticed my morning wood from the sheets, it was a dream. Once again my mind had successfully tricked me into living my fantasy, one I had thought of time and time again, to every last detail, one that never involved me cumming. I grabbed my phone to check the time, it was 7:18a.m. I got up from my bed and went into the bathroom to ease myself. I left for my father’s room after to perform my daily ritual, I knocked on the door but did not get a response. Still drowsy I pushed open the door, yawning and rubbing my right eye with the back of my right hand. I scanned the room with one eye open and my father was nowhere to be found. I walked towards his king-sized bed and saw two crisp #1,000 notes, with a note that said
“Had to leave early, will be back late” placed underneath the money. Oh, the serendipity of it all. My father had been on leave for almost two weeks, and had barely left the house. Now I have the house all to myself, it felt too good to be true. I jumped on my father’s bed, sat up, threw a fist bump into thin air and screamed
“Yessssssss, finally”. I gracefully accepted Mother nature’s gift. I dashed out of my father’s room, ran to my room, got my phone and called Arewa.

Happiness – Emmanuella Okafor


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I did this interview like a week before I met with Ella and trust me the first thing that came to mind was “where has this happy human been all my life” she has such a beautiful soul and I fell in love with her spirit, her sister is no exception, I love them both and that amazing vibe i get from them, honestly so beautiful. Read more about her below;

  • How did the Unveil Brand Start ?

Ella – Tbh I’ve had the vision for such a long time. Well since my second year but I needed more practice so I just left it on hold. After my internship with AIT during my second year holiday, I worked with a group of professionals to sincerely make a pilot episode. That’s where the Unveil Montage came from. I remain sincerely indebted to those people mahn. After working as an intern with Ait, i went back to uni for my final year and budgeted to buy a camera and all of that and i started my episodes but it took me series of planning and self confidence mahn. Plus i studied media performance at uni so this is kind of my getaway to not waste my tuition fees, ya dig?

  • What is Unveil all about ?

Ella – Unveil as a term means to reveal something or removing a veil rather. So with every episode, i get to unveil an aspect of my life with my audience. I learn about myself more when I unveil in every episode tbh. It’s just my journey. My art as an actor/presenter plus, my real life as well.

  • Do you ever regret Unveiling some things ?

Ella – lol that’s legit a good question. There’s sometimes i watch myself back and I’m like, i deffo don’t want my dad to know this but bruh I’m a graduate now so mans don’t really care about them things😂

  • Do you ever get bad reviews for your work and how do you handle them ?

Ella – I actually have not tbh. And it surprises me because i respect bad critiques any day than the good ones so I get a chance to grow better. I got a comment from my favourite blogger just few days ago and she legit liked my work but she said something about me being more consistent. That’s why episode 6 came a lot faster tbh. I actually live for negative comments. Not the stupid kinds because I’m confident with what i put out but the constructive kind!

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time ?

Ella – Rahhhh, my man already told you people in this episode nau😭 I sincerely am hoping i get to be a presenter on tv one day, but in five years, I want to have my happy family and a stable job i love.

Tbh I want to even look back at this interview like “yesss nigga we made it”

  • Already thinking of a family ?

Ella – Lmfaooo well yeahhh. If we were like close g’s you’d know. I’ve always been the “wifey” or “maternal” kind person for time now. I’ve just always craved a sense of family and stability and it became even deeper when i met Michael. I actually know and feel how i want my home to look like. Hopefully soon sha.

  • That’s deep, how did your love for being on tv start ?

Ella – Rah this was since i was like a youngster,  When i go for birthday parties and I’m giving them my moves. People have always found me somewhat entertaining and it makes me so happy that me being in my natural habitat can make people happy. So i just promised myself to take that up and I’ve been true to myself for time. My dad actually wanted me to study law in uni and then go after my dreams after but after series of persuasion, ya gyal is having a degree in Media performance this July.

Can i get an amen😭🎉

  • Amennn Sisturr, so how did you meet your man, AKA Micheal ?

Ella –  Lmfaooo i actually have a video on my channel about this but for the sake of this interview, I met him during my first year at uni, at this house party the twins(hussaini & hassan) invited my best friend for but before then, I actually didn’t know about his existence. I actually think it’s fate that we lived 10 minutes away from each other the entire time but i just got to meet him at uni. In his words “I wouldn’t have liked him in secondary school” so we thank God.

  • So your hairstyle is pretty funky, How did that happen ?

Ella –  Please lemme credit you for acknowledging this first. This is actually part of my entire brand. I’ve always craved difference and i like the idea of people describing me differently. But i did this during my foundation level(college). I was actually inspired by Miley Cyrus and i had to copy 😂

  • It suits you honestly but did your parents ever complain ?

Ella – Oh yeah, my parents divorced since i was in Ss2. So we’ve been with our dad ever since. My mom is out of the country now. But my dad is a Scorpio like me so we get each other on a deeper level. He actually supports this uno amongst other things. Nah my dad is actually my bestfriend.

  • Where are you from ?

Ella – Imo state.

  • How do you draw inspo for a new episode ?

Ella –  Lmfaooo I’m constantly high😂 jokes jokes , but my mind is like a maze. I’ve always loved doing this so I legit just vomit ideas and consistently keep developing it till I’m ready to film.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-25 at 8.49.43 AM

  • Tell me about the best day of your life

Ella – Rah that’s tough but with no intention of being cliche whatsoever, it was when i realized Michael was a Virgo. Before i met Michael yeah, I’ve always loved wiz khalifa, like on a deep sexual level even😂 i wanted to marry him! So when i realized he was virgo, i told God, i needed me a virgo in my life idc. When he actually told me he was born on September 3rd i was like nooo focken way. That’s when i knew “the law of attraction” was not a joke boiiii

  • Worst day of your life ?

Ella –  Rah I’ve had many but each of them consisted of me having pregnancy scares😂😂😂 , Thats why it was easy for me to access the emotions i did on this new episode.

  • I think you scared Micheal more lol

Ella – As an actor, we’re kind of trained to have something called “emotional memory” where you access feelings from the past and portray them, So uno, ya gyal was just living up to her tuition fees😂

  • What’s something you always wanted to do ?

Ella – Oh wait, I’ve always liked testing my limit so it’d be to do something like sky diving or go for a holiday somewhere and be extremely drunk throughout. Idk i just live for testing my limits mahn😭

  • What’s your take on cultural diversity ?

Ella – It’s non-existent. Well from my point of view tbh because at the end of the day we’re all humans made from dust, all these other things of life like culture and religion are just extra. When you’re a good human being, that’s all that should matter. Well to me tbh . At the end of the day, we’re just put on this planet to love each other unconditionally and that’s what people really forget, It’s sad.

  • How would you classify the youths of this generation ?

Ella – Bothered about the irrelevant things of life. When I scroll through twitter sometimes and i see all these irrelevant banter and nonsense people actually sit down to right, i can only pray for more peace of mind for us. Because when you’re truly happy with where you are in life, you’ll mostly not have the time to bash or be negative on the internet, plus why is social media becoming such a deep thing these days? For the longest time i was scared to start Unveil because of self doubt and the fact that things like makeup are actually more over hyped than the real things of life but what do i know really ? It’s just my perspective at the end of the day.

  • If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why ?

Ella – I always preach about love tbh. It’s limitless but i don’t think people get that enough. I’ll change all these anger and aggression and pride people hold so dearly in their hearts. Like bruh we’re all gonna die and go to dust one day. I’ll definitely want to pour more pixie dust or marijuana on the entire human race.

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Faith Natalie Ibrahim – Amanah

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Faith Natalie Ibrahim is a Nigerian girl who is currently studying fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles. She is not only young but also a very creative individual, Faith has not only proven that she indeed has talent but she has the strenght to work hard and change the fashion industry.


The Brand Amanah designs :
Amanah translated from Hebrew means faith, confidence. It is a platform that enables Faith to showcase her work. Amanah Designs is also a made to order brand which means that customers will be able to place orders. It is also a consulting service that caters to upcoming brands that need help to bring their designs to life.

She describes her general aesthetic as bridge that connects African and Japanese fashion. The aim she says for her line revolves around urban streetwear as well as African evoked “high- fashion” style.

You can also check out her website to find out more about Faith Ibrahim and the Brand Amanah at .